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With so many new people finding the joy of bikes this year I have seen a huge demand for riders wanting to improve their skills on two wheels. 

Whether its your first time turning pedals, your getting in to your riding and want to learn some new skills or you want a targeted session to refine your techniques this is for you. 

Coaching sessions are carried out at purpose made locations designed so you can get the very most out of your time. After an initial riding assessment we can tackle the skills you need to make you a faster, safer rider. Everything will be explained clearly with practical demonstrations and video analysis so you can easily move your riding forward. 

Please see the Schools section, for more info,  read the testimonials and use the request a call back feature to get in touch.

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What people are saying

  • Its seems so easy once you have been shown what to do. I was making so many mistakes that i did`nt know that were there. I am now a faster, smoother more controlled rider. i am really looking forward to the next one.

    Niall McKinnon
  • Andy taught both my lads at the bike park how to do things there was no way i could do! We are on our third session now and the progress they have made is astounding.

    Julian Gorton
  • At 45 I thought my chances of getting 2 wheels off the ground were over as fear and thoughts of consequences took over!

    Andy's patience in coaching sessions has helped me overcome this and I am now airborne and clearing small table tops and gap jumps at LUBP and Adel Woods- life in the old dog yet!

    Andy Percival

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