Bike Doctor Clinics

If you are interested in booking a Bike Doctor Clinic at your workplace for you and your colleagues please get in touch.
Either organise it amongst your fellow cyclists at work and I can bill each customer individually or refer me to your HR dept and we can discuss costs to have me there for a period of time with them. 

Its a great way to get all your bikes checked and serviced without any hassle of taking them to a shop. While I am there I am more than happy to hand out any advice on bike setups, maintenance advice, where to ride and all manners relating to 2 wheels. Have your own personal, experienced, qualified mechanic on hand at your own workplace!

How much space do you need?
I can set up in the space for 1 standard car parking space. That will be big enough for the full mobile workstand, table, toolkits and myself to work on the bikes. I will bring along the Bike Doc EZ up so the great britsh weather does not play a part! Or if you have any underground or covered space it will all fit in there too.

How long will you stay for?
I have found most businesses prefer me to arrive and do the clinic over the lunchtime period so that it does not impact on the employee’s working day too much. I am happy to come at any other time of the day though that works out best for you. I have found the best format is like this: 2 – 2 1/2 hour clinic time (with 15 mins prior to setup the clinic)

How many people can you offer this service to?
If you could get an idea of the amount of people interested in using the clinic and then forward the list to me we can work from there. I can carry out basic, gear, brake services and all manner of servicing needs. I always bring a full inventory of spares with me so I can remedy all problems there and then. If any of your colleagues/employees just wanted advice then il be one hand to offer advice on bike set ups, maintenance and any other matter related to 2 wheels. From cycle and parts buying advice to how to improve your riding and where to ride.

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