Coaching Sessions

 Instead of buying another shiny part or the latest machined piece of coloured
loveliness, why not upgrade the one part that will make a massive
difference in the way you ride your bike?  Upgrade you!  Is there any
part of your riding that you wish you could do a little better? 

you want to get more out of your riding experience? It could be
anything from just wanting to feel more in control of your bike or
feel more confident when riding more technical trail?

Do you
want to improve your fitness? I can design you a personal exercise
program that will enhance your riding experience. Learn about how to
use cadence, what your peak power is and how to increase your
endurance. contact about the Personal Trainer Session.
bike? It can take quite awhile to get use to a new steed especially
if you have made the jump from a hardtail up to a full suspension
machine. A different kind of a bike will need a different kind of
riding to get the best out of it. you need the get the most out
of your bike session
there any aspect of your riding you wish you could do better? do  you
get a feeling of doom when it comes to drops, all jittery at the
thought of jumps? Baulk at berms?

trail features can seem daunting to get over, down or round but with
some one on one coaching they will soon become a lot easier. Please
contact for the advanced Skills sessions
breaking down each obstacle in to easy to understand steps you will
soon be flowing smoothly over them! with the coaching including body
position, bike position, mental visualization and live demonstration
progression is soon gained. By videoing each session we can quickly
see any improvement.
each session we will debrief on what we have achieved together and
identify any points for the next session. All pictures and video
footage will be mailed over to you the same day for further review
and bragging rights down the pub
Either use the callback function or give me a ring for an Informal
chat over the phone ,or email on what you want to achieve from the
coaching sessions.
When we
first meet we can go over some mutually agreeable objectives and
goals for the session.
session begins with a comprehensive 30 point bike safety check for
your bike just to check your bike is in tip top condition for the
days riding.
questions on your bike on how it works or any technical help can be
discussed then. 
All sessions are booked on either a one to one or up to a maximum of 4 people per group. Keeping the group low ensues that everyone gets maximum attention. 
One to one is £20 an hour 
Group sessions are 2 hrs for £30 or 4 hours including lunch break £60
I have teaching for over 15 years. 
I am a member of the British Association Of Cycle Coaches.
You are fully insured whenever you are being taught
I have a valid first aid certificate and i know how to use it!

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